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2023 KMXY cover.webp

Display Ads         sizes: w x h        
Full page                          5.25 x 8.25  $745 
3/4 page                          5 x 6              $595 
1/2 page vertical    2.375 x 8              $425 
1/2 page horizon.  4.875 x 3.75         $425 
1/3 page                  4.875 x 2.7           $425
1/4 page                  2.375 x 3.75         $275
1/8 page                  2.375 x 2              $155

Premium Placement 
Back cover (full bleed)                5.5 x 8.5          $1025 
Inside back cover (full bleed)    5.5 x 8.5            $975 
Inside front cover (full bleed)    5.5 x 8.5           $975

Page 1 (full bleed)                       5.5 x 8.5           $975
Space reservation                       March 5, sooner the better
Ad deadline if you provide        March 20

Publication                                   May 15 or earlier  

Format Specifications 
Provide elements and let us design your ad,
or provide print-ready art:

  • EPS or PDF file with fonts embedded or outlined

  • 300+ DPI TIFF or highest-quality JPG, CMYK

  • Please ensure your ad is correctly sized and is CMYK, not RGB

  • Full-bleed ads (covers): please ensure no text or logo is within 1/4 inch of trim line


call 907-244-7717

or use the form below and we'll respond soon

Success! Message received.


Single copy and bulk copy mail orders: We can't mail single hard copies for free, but we happily ship them anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for $4 for the first copy and $1 per additional copy. Bulk orders at a significantly lower price point are welcome. Complete the form above or email us and indicate how many copies you'd like, and we'll email a payment link. 

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