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Single copy and bulk copy mail orders: We can't mail single hard copies for free, but we happily ship them anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for $5 for the first copy and $1 per additional copy. Bulk orders welcome—we can send USPS Priority Mail as needed. Complete the form above or email us and indicate how many copies you'd like, and we'll email a payment link. 

Display Ads             sizes: w x h        
Full page                     4.8125 x 8       $649 
3/4 page                      4.8125 x 6      $535 
1/2 page vertical        2.5 x 8             $375 
1/2 page horiz.           4.8125 x 4      $375 
1/3 page                      4.8125 x 2.7   $285
1/4 page vertical        2.5 x 4             $225
1/4 page horiz.           4.8125 x 2      $225
1/8 page                      2.5 x 2             $140

Premium Placement 
Back cover (full bleed)                5.5 x 8.5            $975 
Inside back cover (full bleed)    5.5 x 8.5            $895 
Inside front cover (full bleed)    5.5 x 8.5            $925
Publication date                       early May 
Space reservation deadline    March 15st
Ad artwork deadline                March 26th  

Format Specifications 
Provide elements and let us design your ad,
or provide print-ready art:

  • EPS or PDF file with fonts embedded or outlined

  • 300+ DPI TIFF or highest-quality JPG, CMYK

  • Please ensure your ad is correctly sized and is CMYK, not RGB

  • Full-bleed ads (covers): please ensure no text or logo is within 1/4 inch of trim line